DICOM-Planned & Calculated Dose

Dear experts,
As you know, the Cumulative Dose is recorded in RTDOSE, but USRBIN card gives us Dose per primary particle, so how is Gamma Index calculated?
Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Gy = J/kg

The USRBIN can be converted to Gy by multiplying with the charge of electron, 1e9 for the G, divide by the conversion from g → kg, and finally by the number of particles the patient was irradiated with.

flair will automatically create these conversion factors (#define rtplan_norm*) for each beam if you import an RTPLAN

In the “Norm:” field you can select the corresponding normalization (it will be provided in the drop down list) or you can enter manually the expression

In the bottom-left plot Calc-Plan (what you call Gamma Index) flair will display the absolute difference between the RTDOSE planned and Dose from simulation.

DVH = Dose Volume Histogram of the two Doses

Dear Vasilis,
Thanks so much.