DICOM planned dose rotated

Dear flair experts and authors:
It’s exciting to have a new flair version 3.0-9 during the hard time. And I test some dicom data sets today, here is a bug: The planned dose seems rotated automaticlly and the dose region is cut away. the others also have similar display problem.

The Best Wishes

Thank you @YuniWang2020 for testing, this is work in progress.

The problem is that the CT, RTDOSE,RTPLAN have a different coordinate systems and each manufacturer have have a slight different way of entering the information.
We are working to make it in a uniform way and all properly aligned.
For these we need as many test cases as possible.

Would you mind to privately send us some anonymous test dicom datafiles?
(email: Vasilis.Vlachoudis@cern.ch)