Discrepancies between Experimental and FLUKA calculated CS

Dear FLUKA experts,
I tried the input posted by @riya here (Discrepancy with experimental value for production cross section of Zn 63 and Zn 65 due to nat Cu (p,n) reaction - #2 by ceruttif). Actually my aim was just to verify if the cross sections obtained using FLUKA and that of experiments are comparable or not. The reaction is 64Ni(p,n)64Cu. And here I have attached the SS of the comparison. there are two problems regarding FLUKA calculations of CS

  1. FLUKA provides zero value cross sections below 6MeV, I checked at 5MeV,
  2. After 18 MeV the cross sections take jump to higher values i.e., 600mb. and also CS calculated using FLUKA are lower than the experimental in the tail rand rising egion.
    I even tried using RESNUCL card but the results were same.
    I would be thankfull if experts help me.

Here is a figure including different experimental data from EXFOR together with the respective FLUKA curve:

I’d conclude that:
i. The cross section onset is indeed displaced by a couple of MeV in FLUKA. This is a known and more general issue we are progressively correcting.
ii. The peak at 10-11 MeV is pretty well reproduced.
iii. The high energy tail is in good agreement with a more recent data set, while there is evidence of some underestimation in the preceding fall region.

Do not overlook that FLUKA values are not based on specific data but are the result of reaction models that are meant to reasonably describe all channels for any projectile-target combination over the whole energy range.

I would add that the plot Francesco shows fits very quite well with the result photographed from Abduls’ screen.