Discrepancy in RESNUCLEI processed files

Dear FLUKA experts,
I am trying to score the activation products in different times, based on the activation exercise from the latest beginner course. As I added more sampling times using the DCYTIMES card, I have noticed an anomaly in the processed files.
I defined 3 decay times: 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours after the end of the irradiation period,
and created matching RESNUCLEI cards for each time - ActT-1h, ActT-2h and ActT-3h, respectively. If I understand correctly, the times’ order goes by the order in the DCYTIMES card, so time #1 is the 1 hour, #2 is 2 hours, etc.
In order to make sure the scoring was set correctly, I looked at the .inp and .out files created after the run. As far as I can see, everything is set according to the pre-described logic. But when I look at the processed sum.lis file, I see that the ActT-1h detector is set for 2 hours, ActT-2h for 3 hours, and no time was set to ActT-3h.

What am I missing here? Which times were set for each detector?
Please find my attached files.

Thank you kindly in advance,
Hen Shukrun

rp-calculations_24_sum.lis (46.5 KB)
rp-calculations-exercise_full_exercise.flair (7.4 KB)
rp-calculations-exercise_full_exercise.inp (3.2 KB)

Dear Rachel,

in the attached sum.lis file I see that the cooling times are correctly associated with the detectors:

  • Decay time      :   3600.00000      s
    Detector n:            1   ActT-1h
  • Decay time      :   7200.00000      s
    Detector n:            2   ActT-2h 
  • Decay time      :   10800.0000      s
    Detector n:            3   ActT-3h 

Maybe it is a bit confusing, that the decay time is written above the detectors name.


Dear @horvathd,
Thank you very much for the replay, that clears up my confusion.

Best regards,
Hen Shukrun