Distinguishing neutrinos from decay-at-rest and decay-in-flight

Dear FLUKA experts,
I am running a simulation where I sample the produced neutrinos using an mgdraw.f routine. Most of them are produced by decay-at-rest of pions and kaons and some other by decay in flight.

I was wondering if there is an easy way to distinguishing neutrinos that comes from decay-at-rest from neutrinos that come from decay-in-flight using the mgdraw.f routine, so I can include this information in my dump file.

I tried looking into evtflg.inc to see if there were any flags to use, but I think these does not apply to my case.

You are right, the decay-at-rest flag is not directly accessible. Nonetheless, one can easily check if the momenta of the decay products add up to zero, as in this mgdraw_decayatrest.f version.

Thanks you very much, this seems to do the job perfectly!