Does FLUKA have Point detector?

Dear fluka experts,

I want to measure the ambient dose equivalent around a point. How to set the USRBIN to be the same as the F5 card of MCNP?


Dear Li,

FLUKA doesn’t have a similar scoring option as the MCNP’s F5 tally. To be able to get ADE around a point you need to use a track-length based scoring, for example USRBIN, or USRTRACK.


The picture is the neutron dose equivalent distribution I measured.
How can I get the exact value of a point in the picture?

When you plot this picture, flair generate a file xx.dat which has x y information and dose. you can search the point and get what you want.

So how do I choose the range of Z?

One option is to display the usrbin as a layer in the geometry tab and use the info button to get the exactly value for every point you are interested

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This function is very powerful. Where can I find related tutorials or examples?

Unfortunately, I believe that there are no specific tutorial or example for this specific feature.
Maybe it will be discussed here: