DOSE-EQ output quantity

Dear FLUKA experts,

I’m trying to calculate ambient dose equivalent H(10) produced by a 137Cs point source at 1m distance. For this purpose I created a probe which is a simple sphere with a 0.5 cm radius at 1m distance from the source. For H(10) calculation I used USRBIN DOSE-EQ card with REGION mesh. A far as I understand, for the REGION mesh the FLUKA code calculates the total track length in cm and then multiplies it by conversion factor in pSv*cm2. Am I correct that for such initial conditions my calculated output for USRBIN DOSE-EQ with REGION mesh will be in pSv*cm3 and to get a proper value of H(10) I must divide the result by the volume of my probe? Could you please clarify the output units of USRBIN DOSE-EQ with REGION mesh?

Thank you in advance

source.f (9.4 KB)
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Dear Alexy,

your thinking is correct. The USRBIN results with Region meshes need to be normalized with the volume of the region by the user to get the expected unit.


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