Dose equivalent

HAL TEI export of hal-01297577 this link that I attach I find that the presence of boron in a tumor cell would increase the local dose deposition. I wanted to verify it by the code monte Carlo FLUKA by irradiating an adipose tussus enriched in not boron by a thermal neutron. I evaluated the dose deposited inside the cells. The result I obtained does not convince me please I checked if something was poorly defined to obtain these results.

with boron.inp (2.8 KB)
without boron.inp (2.6 KB)

Here is the link of the documents

Dear @bakodeo ,

Could you please clarify exactly what results are not as you expect? Also you are showing a plot without axis labels and the Flair plot tab is hidden by the plot window so I cannot see what you are trying to show.

Please elaborate on these points and I can try to help out.



Thank you very much for your interest in my request.
According to the literature in the presence of boron in a tissue the dose given by my thermal neutrons is higher than in the case of normal tissues.