DOSE Question for USRBIN Card

Dear FLUKA users and experts!
I want to get the dose (in Gy) in the region of interest. In flair, I use usrbin card to record dose, Bin size equals 1(bin = 1) in usrbin card.
I read the instructions to explain:Doses will be expressed in GeV/g per unit primary weight. To obtain dose in Gy, multiply GeV/g by 1.602176462E-7.
According to the explanation, I understand: Dose multiply by 1.602176462E-7 multiply by the number of running particles multiply by volume. Finally, the dose of the geometry of interest (Gy) is obtained, Is this correct.

Look forward to the answers of experts



Please do not open multiple threads with the same question. The threads are answered on a best-effort basis and may require a few of days of patience.

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Thank you for your understanding.