Dose rate from activation simulation

The metal sample in the activation well is irradiated with neutrons. I separate the gamma-ray and neutron contribution to the dose rate using AUXSCORE cards, and I also obtain the combined contribution to the dose rate.
I find the same result for gamma-ray and combined contribution.
For neutron contribution, I get this error

Why do I get the same result and an error for neutrons?

Dear @Motlatsi_Vincent,

Could you please provide me the input file?



Dear @adonadon , here I provide my input file and spectrum data Radioactivity.flair (5.1 KB) AmBe90.txt (2.2 KB)

Dear @Motlatsi_Vincent,

From your input file, what I understand is that you are trying to obtain the DOSE-EQ
in the grid that you defined with the three different USRBIN (One without any filter, one for photons and one for neutrons)

First of all: the result that you have is completely reasonable considering the reaction:

Screenshot from 2021-04-23 14-47-46

As you can see, in the final state there is no neutron, which is basically what you get in your result.
Of course, neutrons are responsible for the radionuclide creation in the prompt phase, but what happens after does no longer concern them.

Second, a comment: For the residual dose scoring (from material activation), you have to consider only the EM contribution (photons/electrons/positrons).

Let me know if it has sense for you, or/and if you need more help.


Dear @adonadon
Thanks for your response. This makes complete sense.

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