Dosimetry scoring and cut

Dear experts,

I try to understand doses of photon from concrete via 500 MeV electron beam. The measured doses became below 0.1 mSv/h in 15 sec., but FLUKA showed the dose higher than 10mSv/h. Because of that i want to try to cut and to implement the detector sensitivity for scoring.
Could you give me some advises how to realize my idea?

thanks alot
Dohun Kim


In order to properly assist you, please upload your *.flair file such that we can better understand your scenario (beam properties, concrete density and thickness, etc.).

A priori, I would suggest to check your EMF thresholds. If they are too high, then the electrons/photons will deposit all their energy on the spot, potentially leading to artificially higher doses. Alternatively, the detector could also have a lower limit of detection, and if you have not applied any cut in your simulation, then the low energy particles would also deposit energy in the simulation, but not in the real detector.