Double rotation

I’m trying to make a double rotation of a body in a geometry with ROT-DEFI cards. Rotations must be of 90 degrees around the X axis and of 135 degrees around the Z axis.
I currently define a first ROT-DEFI card with the translation vector to the center of the system coordinates. After that I define a second card with the first azimuthal rotation around X axis and than a third card with azimuthal rotation around Z axis parameters. All cards have the same sdum, and I call the transformation by mean of $Start_transform/$End_transform containing the card of the body that
needs to be rotated.
This works correctly and the object appear rotated in the axis origin, but I can’t manage to translate it back in the original position. In order to do that I nest a $Start_translat/$End_translat around the body but I can’t find the correct x,y,z values for the translation.
Any help will be very much appreciated.

Dear Michele,

usually to move the body back to the original position, one uses the inverse of the translation vector.

Since the translation defined on one ROT-DEFI card performed first, followed by the rotation. You will need a third card to translate the body back.

For example:

$start_transform ROT
RCC target     0.0 0.0 20.0 0.0 0.0 10.0 5.0

ROT-DEFI         100                 90.                         -25.0ROT
ROT-DEFI         300                135.                              ROT
ROT-DEFI         300                                              25.0ROT


Thank you Martin,
So the $Start_translat/$End_translat directive is not needed.
It works perfectly, thank you.