Doubt regarding LOWMAT card and activation product simulation

Dear expert,

I got an error while running this input. I feel my understanding of LOWMAT card is not correct. On the other hand, if I use the commented portion (in the input) of the LOWMAT card, then no error is there but there is no output data file that I can process.

Also is it fine to use 40 yrs as irradiation directly ? Or do I have to give it in steps like 10 yr, 20 yr … 40 yr ??

Also, I have used a detector to estimate ambient dose due to gamma released from activation products in zircaloy 4 but I am not sure for which cooling period it will generate the output ?

Zr1.inp (8.7 KB)
Zr1.flair (5.6 KB)

source_newgen_plane.f (18.9 KB)


Dear @riya,

The error you are reporting has been explained several times on this forum (!). It appears because the LOW-MAT card cannot be applied to compound materials. The way to go is the one you have commented out in your input. You were not getting any results because you have cards START and STOP in the middle of the input, before the definition of the scorings.

Regarding the 40 years of irradiation: if you want to consider a uniform irradiation over 40 years, it is perfectly fine to do it in a single step.

The dose equivalent scoring will not correspond to any cooling time as it is defined, it will correspond to the prompt radiation. To associate your scoring with a cooling time you have to use a DCYSCORE card, as you did for the residual nuclei scorings. Also note that you need to select DOSE-EQ to score dose equivalent (as Dávid explained in one of your previous posts).

Hope this helps. Let us know in case it does not.

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Thank you so much @fogallar


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