DPA calculation for Si

I am a new user and want to use fluka to calculate dpa. I am trying to reproduce results from several literatures for exercise. But the results of dpa calculated by me are all 1/2 lower than that in the literatures.

The first dpa calculations that I tried to reproduce is the blue line of Fig. 2(d) in paper
2014 Simulation of beam induced lattice defects of diamond detectors using FLUKA.pdf (688.0 KB)
. This case is the proton irradiating silicon of size 1x1x0.04 cm^3. My input file is
Si_Guthoff2014.inp (1.4 KB)

Despite your intentions, actually you did not upload the relevant files, in particular your input file.

Si_Guthoff2014.inp (1.4 KB)

this is the file pls have look at that thanks for your time

Dear Tausif,
two observations concerning your input file:

  • when using DPA, ion transport should be switched on via the IONTRANS card. The energy threshold of heavy ions shall also be set to a low value (e.g., 1 keV) with PART-THRES (setting 4-HELIUM transport to 1 keV, which applies to heavy ions in general).
  • to reproduce the results of the paper, you can use the DPA-NRT card, introduced in FLUKA 4-3.0 as a replacement to the deprecated DPA-NRES : Release of FLUKA 4-3.0 | The official CERN FLUKA website (note that the same FLUKA release has introduced the arc-DPA quantity)


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