Electron beam acitvation calculation no result

Dear experts, The file is my program of electron beam calculation activation, but there is no result after running. Can you help me, if there is a wrong setting? ThE_ACT.inp (2.5 KB) ank you very much!

Dear Yang Litao,

from the RADDECAY section of the FLUKA manual (RADDECAY | FLUKA):

 5) Both multiplication factors embedded in WHAT(5) must be >= 1.0. If any
    of the multiplication factors is set to a value larger than 9999.0, it
    is effectively considered as infinite, i.e., WHAT(5) = 0000099999. will
    kill the electromagnetic cascade in the prompt part, while leaving it
    untouched in the decay part. WHAT(5) = 9999900000. will do the opposite.

This means, your primary electrons are immediately stopped. To solve the issue, you need to decrease the multiplication factor for prompt thresholds.

Also, I noticed that you set the decay times in hours. Please note, the correct unit of time for decay times are seconds. Similarly, you may need to check the time on the irradiation profile card. It does not match with the comment above.


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Dear David, thank you for your help. Thank you so much! :+1: :+1: :+1:
Yang Litao