Electron spatial distribution

Dear FLUKA experts,

in my simulation, a multi-MeV electron source is generated inside a vacuum chamber. Electrons travel along the Z axis, pass through a thin window and eventually hit a solid cube in air. Is it possible to know the electrons energy and spatial distribution on a X-Y plane placed somewhere between the source and the target ? Which is the best built-in scoring command to do that?
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Dear Tibe,

For the spatial distribution, you can use the USRBIN card with WHAT(2)=ELECTRON. It allows you to define a mesh in Cartessian, cylindrical coordinates or by region, what would be best for your geometry.
Specific details on how to set the card can be found in the manual and on the following FLUKA course:

As for the energy, you can also set a USRBIN card but this time with WHAT(2)=ENERGY. Since you want to get the energy deposited only by electrons, you will need an additional card: AUXSCORE with WHAT(1)=USRBIN, WHAT(2)=ELECTRON and WHAT(4) as the name you gave to the previously defined USRBIN card. Check the manual as well for more details on this card.

Hope this helps you.

Hi @Tibe68,
Using a USRBIN with ENERGY would give you the deposited energy. If you want to have the energy spectrum I would recommend to use a USRBDX detector.
A very powerful alternative would be a mgdraw routine but that is not built-in and you would have to write your own routine starting from the template (you can find some examples in the forum).

Dear Marta,

thanks a lot for your answer. I will follow the suggestions reported in the pdf you joined.
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Dear Amario,

actually I’m just interested to the space distribution because I would like to simulate the signal emitted by a Lanex film when the electrons hit it.
Many thanks for your answer.
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