Empty y range [0:0], adjusting to [-1:1]

hello fluka expert can you help me please i have this msg

Started 2022.06.03 19:45:19
set terminal qt 0 enhanced solid title ‘sphere-0: Plot #8
set title ‘Plot #8
unset grid
set xlabel ‘’
set xtics
set ylabel ‘’
set ytics
unset logscale x
unset logscale y
unset logscale z
unset logscale cb
unset logscale x2
unset logscale y2
set key default
plot ‘sphere_17_tab.lis’ ind 0 us 1:3 w steps lt 1 lw 1t ‘#detecteur’,
‘’ ind 0 us (($1+$2)/2.0):3:($3*($4/100.)) w errorbars lt 1 lw 1 pt 0 ps 1 notitle

w> Warning: empty y range [0:0], adjusting to [-1:1]
e> ERROR: Gnuplot errors or warnings found

Dear @kitaniabdellah,

Look at your .lis file because it might be filled with 0 which means that you don’t have anything to plot (an error in your simulation, maybe a wrong scoring?).

In the absence of your files it’s difficult to tell what your problems might be.



sphere.inp (1.5 KB)
sphere.flair (2.3 KB)

dear @Mihaela_Parvu
this is the files
thank you for your help

Dear @kitaniabdellah,

The problem is that you are not transporting electrons at your input energy (which is below the default threshold). I added the EMFCUT and now you are able to see the output (P.S.: I used fewer particles to check if it works). You can find the new input attached to this message. Also, you can find more details here https://indico.cern.ch/event/1123370/contributions/4716026/attachments/2446124/4191569/09_EM_transport_thresholds_2022_ULB.pdf

Please let me know if you have any further questions,

sphere_modif.flair (1.8 KB)


dear @Mihaela_Parvu thank you so much for your help

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