Energy deposited on Y-89 target

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I want to calculated the Energy deposited on Y-89 target by USRBIN. The target is composed of 0.03 cm Y and 2 cm Cu. The results is shown in the picture and the inputfile is below.

Y89.inp (3.8 KB)

1,From the picture, we can found that, from 0.03 cm to 0.05 cm in thickness, the energy deposition is almost flat. However, there should actually be a Bragg peak.
2,From 0. cm to 0.03 cm in thickness, the line of energy deposition should rise slowly, but in fact there is an almost flat line after 0.01 cm.

Therfore, I’m confused about this results. I don’t know how to fix the problems.

Thank you very much for your help,
Xiaohe Wang

Just add, as often recommended and here required by your low energy and tiny range problem, a DEFAULTS/PRECISIO card. Among other things, it reduces the fraction of kinetic energy lost in a single step (see FLUKAFIX for further adjustment of this parameter, if needed) and this way increases the tracking accuracy.


(The curve is obtained by selecting 1D projection in Flair, which gives the energy density averaged over the transverse scoring area, and multiplying by the transverse scoring area of 4 cm^2).

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*Thank you very much for your help. The problem has been solved!