Energy deposition and temperature

Dear experts,
I’m a novice user of fluka software and I recently wanted to calculate how much temperature is produced by electron beam bombardment of a molybdenum target. Someone told me that I can use the dose of the uerbin card to calculate the energy deposition, but I can’t figure out how to deal with the result. The first picture below is the result I calculated. I don’t know the meaning of the 0.01 and 0.001 on the right What is, but it must not be the J/s I want (Fig. 2). If anyone knows how to convert, I’d be very grateful! If I choose the wrong usrbin in the first place, hopefully I can be corrected! Attached is the original of my calculations.

1.inp (4.3 KB)

Dear @gaoxuan,
I strongly recommend you to study the slides from the last Fluka course, particularly the lectures on scoring. The results of a USRBIN scoring estimating energy deposition are given in GeV cm^-3 per primary particle. The energy is assumed deposited instantaneously. The user has to take care of the normalization with the beam intensity has clearly this changes case by case. The conversion from GeV to J is trivial and you can find on any physics book.