Energy deposition of a 50 keV electron beam in a 12 μm thick aluminum target

Dear FLUKA experts,

I met a problem in using USRBIN. I want to get the energy deposition curve of electrons from 50 keV electrons on a 12μm aluminum target.

1.I set up a cylindrical aluminum target plate with the radius of 0.68cm and the thickness of 12μm, and then bombarded the aluminum plate with an electron beam with an energy of 50 keV.

I used USRBIN. The conditions are set as follows:

But the energy deposition curve I get is weird, and this curve is not a smooth parabola.

I want to know how to solve this problem?

Lower (by means of the EMFCUT card) the electron transport threshold below its default value of 100 keV (reported in the output file in terms of total energy, i.e. 611 keV), which is patently incompatible with your beam energy.

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