Error after FLUKA/Flair installation on WSL

Dear Fluka experts,

I have installed the new version of fluka/flair on windows 10_WSL. My previous version of fluka/flair worked really well on WSL. After new version installed, when simple program is run, it finish with errors. see the attachment.

I used Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and fluka-4-1.1.Linux-gfor9.x86_64.rpm fluka_4-1.1.Linux-gfor9_amd64.deb

I appreciate if anyone can help to solve this issue.

Dear Nadeera,

please verify the gfortran version installed on your system with the command:

gfortran --version

if it is gfortran 7.x.x, then you need to install the appropriate FLUKA version (gfor7).


Many Thanks. It works now.