Error code 12 & neutron data directory

Dear FLUKA experts,
I got an error after install Ubuntu and FLUKA on a new computer.
I opened FLUKA and perfornmed a very simple calculation, but its results kept reporting errors.Here are the files.
test.flair (926 Bytes)
test.inp (1.1 KB)
test.out (576 Bytes)
test001.err (312 Bytes)
test001.log (161 Bytes)
The error file said
*** Pointwise neutron data directory /usr/local/fluka/data//neutron not existing.
Please download the neutron libraries from:
FLUKA libraries for low-energy neutron pointwise interaction cross sections | The official CERN FLUKA website
Abort called from XSREAD reason Point wise neutron data not found Run stopped!
STOP Point wise neutron data not found
And Output in flair said:
Removing links
Removing temporary files
Saving output and random number seed
Error: No rantest002 generated!
Saving additional files generated

Error code: 12

I don’t know why this problem happened,could you help me ?

Do you confirm that you did download the neutron libraries?
From the RELEASE-NOTES of Fluka-4.4.0:

We’d like to especially highlight that point-wise neutron interactions below 20 MeV are henceforth automatically activated for the DAMAGE, NEW-DEFA, and PRECISIOn DEFAULTS (as well as in the absence of the DEFAULTS card, corresponding to the NEW-DEFA implicit choice), requiring the download and installation of neutron data libraries as detailed in

Sorry, the version of FLUKA I used before did not use this neutron library, and I did not pay attention to the announcement when downloading it this time.After I downloaded and installed the neutron library it works well.
Thank you very much for your help.

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