Error compiling custom user routine

Dear Fluka experts,

I attempted to compile a custom user routine (see attached file) using the command

/pathtofluka/bin/fff myfluscw.f

but it doesn’t seem to work. I obtained this error message from the computer. If anyone can help me decipher the meaning of this error, I’d really appreciate it!

Also, the instructions for compiling the user routine and creating the executable in command line is provided here: Working with user routines | The official CERN FLUKA website. Are there any resources which describes in detail, how to perform these tasks in Flair? If so, this would be helpful for me as I always run my simulations from Flair.

myfluscw.f (4.3 KB)

Dear @Dalini,

The error message is pretty clear, there is a syntax error in the IF expression, in the highlighted point. Namely, you wrote


which causes the error. The correct form to write the condition would be

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As per your second question, have a look at slide 29 of this lecture:
Although meant for a source routine, the information provided are valid also for other routines.

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Dear amario,

Thanks for clarifying. Sorry, I completely skipped that error! This is my first time trying to compile a custom user routine and copied this code. So I thought there was something inherently wrong with the arguments.

I will refer to the slides you shared. Thank you!