Error: executable returned RC=134

Dear fluka experts,
When I try to run the example.inp ,I have received this error “executable returned RC=134”,just like the picture.

And what should I do?


Hi Li,

were the .out, .err, or .log files created next to the input file or in the fluka_xxxxx folder?
If yes, can you post them?


there’s only one .log file created.

Dear Li,

please check the version of the gfortran compiler on your PC with the command gfortran --version. And make sure that the compatible package of FLUKA is installed.

For gfortran 7, you need to install the gfor7 FLUKA package.
For gfortran 8, 9 or 10, the gfor9 FLUKA package is the correct one.


Dear David,
Thanks for your reply.
It’s really the version issue,now I’m ready to reinstall the new version.