Error generating plot

Dear expert,
An error occurred while generating plot after the run.How can I solve this problem?

Dear @Junjie_Zhang,

Can you please share your .flair file? Thank you.

Dear expert,
I think it might be a software installation problem,here is my .flair file.
2021.9.23.1.flair (3.8 KB)
2021.9.23.1.inp (3.2 KB)

Dear @Junjie_Zhang,

Beside what you see in the output tab, a small window named “Output file viewer” should have popped up, and it should contain 3 files. Anyway, even if this window didn’t pop up, the three files are present in your directory. They are called flair_[something].err , flair_[something].log , and flair_[something].out .
If you open the .err file you will read:

  *** Deprecated body! Execution terminated ***
  *** Put SDUM=DEPRBODY in GLOBAL to temporarily allow at your own risk ***
   601.00000000000000000 746.00000000000000000 823.00000000000000000   0.00000000000000000 -100.00000000000000000   0.00000000000000000

This means that flair is complaining about the fact that you are using a “WED” body, which is a deprecated body. Indeed, you are using two of these bodies, the first one, body “b9”, being specified as

 601. , 746. , 823. , etc...

What you should do is to replace the “WED” with other bodies. I can see two options:
1-you can use “PLA” which are arbitrarily oriented planes";
2-you can use “RPP” to which you then apply a rotation.

Dear amario,
Do you mean that the WED card can’t be used now?
I read the relevant PLA card explanation in the course, but I still don’t know how to use PLA card to describe a triangular prism.

Could you explain in more detail how PLA cards are used?

It can, as you can read in the message just above, i.e.

Put SDUM=DEPRBODY in GLOBAL to temporarily allow at your own risk

and in the manual.

Nevertheless, being WED the half of a box (see again the manual), the use of 5 PLA’s is a preferable solution.

As an alternative you can use a RPP and then cut it with a PLA

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