ERROR:Gnuplot errors or warning found

Dear Flair Creators:

I installed FLUKA and flair,then ran the demo. But when I use the plot function, I get the prompt in the figure, I don’t know what’s wrong.

Dear @dexin,

The same question has already been asked on the forum twice. Please, use the embedded search functionality.

Dear Flair Creators:
My problem is different from the other issues on the forum and cannot be solved

Would you care to explain how it is different?

Dear Flair Creators:

I cannot solve the problem by following these methods:enhanced text mode parser-ignoring spurious

This error message has nothing to do with your first post.
You should create separate threads for separate questions.
Concerning your first problem, my answer is still valid.

Those methods cannot help me solve the problems I encounter

I understand that your problem is the error message from gnuplot:
warning: enhanced text mode parser - ignoring spurious }
that is perhaps linked to an issue with Greek letters.
Can you please upload the .flair file you are using?

Dear Francesco,
I‘m sorry, I just saw the message. This is my project.
neutron(1).zip (6.9 KB)

Thanks for your help.
All the best,


It was not, it’s just a very trivial typo in the plot y label string:
dN/d(logE) [cm^{-2} s^{-1}}]
should read
dN/d(logE) [cm^{-2} s^{-1}]

Note, however, that it remains more relevant the other warning concerning the empty y range, previously addressed in the forum as pointed out by @amario. That indicates that the result file is meaningless, since it’s exclusively full of zeros, due for instance to insufficient statistics for the intended scoring purposes (or wrong physics/scoring settings).

Dear Francesco,
After I made the modifications, this issue has been resolved.
Thanks for your help.
All the best,