Error in compiling own mgdraw.f routine

Hi FLUKA experts,

I’m trying to look at the trajectories of particles entering and exiting a magnet and then a box of water (trajectories, energies and direction cosines, i.e. most of a phase space file), my magfld.f routine works fine but when I try to compile the mgdraw.f routine that I have made using examples in this forum as a base, I get this error:

Error: Syntax error in SAVE statement at (1)

Does this mean there is a problem with the file I have, or is there a mistake in my mgdraw.f file that I am missing?

my_mgdraw.f (2.8 KB)
TRACK_Quad.inp (2.5 KB)
magfld_1quad.f (2.6 KB)

Hi Lucy,

Just add a space in mgdraw.f, just before DIMENSION DTQUEN (fixed source form, first 6 columns are reserved) :wink:

Here, accidentally filling the 6th character, you are accidentally making a continuation of the preceding non-comment line - which happens to be the SAVE statement in the included

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Oh I see, thank you!