Error in .dat file

hello dear experts
I run a program about the dose from a 400 MeV proton source. But in the .dat file, all the errors were 0. I think this is unusual. Please help in this regard.
and where is the error data?where is it in the .out file?
for example, I saw this message in the .out file :
**** Max. error is 1.1 %, for beta2 = 0.00358 ****
what does this mean?
the best regartds.

Dear @yashar86shahoo,

It is impossible to help you if you don’t provide enough information.
You have to provide your .flair file and all the other files you refer to, like the “.out” file you’re mentioning.
I strongly advise you to study the material available online from the last beginners’ course.

thank you
i have a similar question,
one of my programs, the error was 0 percenytage, is this reasonable?(nps=100000, cycls=35)
can i trust this results?
the best regards

I’m sorry, I cannot comment on anything without seeing the corresponding files.

dear expert,
i ran again with higher nps, and error was reasonable.
thank you

i forget to say :
if we input number of seeds in the RANDOMIZE card, the error will be zero.
i changed it to default value, then the error became nonzero…
the best regards