Error in Fluka 4.1.1

Dear Experts,

I am trying to find out dose distribution in a Dicom based voxel phantom (Standard Golem Phantom). In version Fluka 4.1.0 , the input was running without any error and I could score dose. But in version 4.1.1, the same input is showing an error

At line 273 of file comlat/vxlinp.f
Fortran runtime error: Index ‘101’ of dimension 1 of array ‘tvxroi’ above upper bound of 100.

I am attaching the I/P for reference. Please help me to find the mistakes I am making here.
GOLEMDICOM001.log (579 Bytes)
GOLEMDICOM001.out (4.4 KB)

Dear @sandipan
could you please provide us also the voxel file to debug?

Dear Sir,

As my fluka folders are not available at present, I am providing the dicom file which I used for voxel generation through flair.

I will send the voxel file if required as soon as possible.

Hi @sandipan , the problem is that your dicom contains too many structures more than the limit hardcoded in fluka.
I am bit puzzled when you mention that it worked for 4.1.0, while there was no change with respect to 4.1.1 on the structure limits in fluka. Was it maybe for another voxel file?

For the moment you have the following options:

  1. Either reduce the number of RTSTRUCTURES;
  2. You can create two voxel files. One without the RTSTRUCTUREs so FLUKA can run. And one with the structures when you create in flair the DVH to properly filter the scoring;
  3. You can wait until we recompile the code with a higher limit, to be available on the next minor release.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for the detailed reply. In Fluka version 4.1.0 , it strangely does not show any error, though I have used the same dicom image file to generate .vxl file.
Option two is perfect for me. Thanks again