Error in gcc module while running flair

Hello Everyone
I am pretty new to Fluka and Flair. I installed Fluka and Flair on my Window desktop by following all the instructions given on the webpage. While I was running an example using Flair I got an error about the gfortran version (please see attached screenshot). My question is do I need to re-install everything from scratch by installing the 7th version of gfortran or is there any other way for resolving the issue? Also, I am not able to locate 7th version of gfortran on the internet. Please help me in resolving the issue.

Thank you

you do not need to downgrade your gfortran version from 11 to 7, rather install the available FLUKA package pre-compiled with gfortran 9 (that is compatible with gfortran 11 as in the table of the installation instructions), and not gfortran 7.