Error in run with ion beam

Dear Experts,
I am using the following version:





I am trying to run the inputs with 7 x 10^6 particles in each cycle; spawned in 5 CPUs

It starts running but not completing 5 cycles. It stopped suddenly. See the attachments.

Kindly suggest me some way out.
Thanking you in advance.
source_newgen_flood.f (18.9 KB)
flood_source_sph_CM.inp (5.3 KB)

Please look at the .log file in the fluka_# temporary directory

Thank you for your reply. Kindly see the attached .log and .err files.

My .dat file has maximu energy up to 50 GeV/u.
Kindly suggest me some way out.
flood_source_sph_CM_05001.err (69.9 KB)
flood_source_sph_CM_05001.log (14.5 KB)


Could you upload the file source_hist_Z-4_A-9.dat you’re sampling from in the source user routine?

Many thanks in advance.


Surely. Kindly see the attachment.
source_hist_Z-4_A-9.dat (1.9 KB)

Thanks. We’ll take a close look and get back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, @ArghyaC please move to the latest release 4-3.3 and confirm that the problem is still there.
Normally, it makes no sense to stay with an obsolete version, where newer bug fixes (and capabilities) are not included.

Dear Arghya,

Preliminary tests suggests that indeed the crash you raise was amended in v4-3.2, thanks to the first bug fix reported in the release notes at the time. Feel free, however, if for some reason this particular crash persists. Regardless, a version upgrade is indeed due on your side.

On a merrier note, your input revealed a second crash, somewhat rare, due to a numerics precision issue in a nuclear inelastic interaction of 9Be and 27Al at nearly 3 GeV/nmu. A patch for this second bug is being worked on and will be included in a future release.

With kind regards,


Thank you very much. I will do that surely.