Error in running inputs

Dear Experts,
I am trying to run an input file but the following errors are coming.

The following error is coming:
4.73045185E-02 GeV ****

**** Cameron E. m. for 238-U : 5.24553321E-02 GeV ****

**** Cam.El. E. m. for 238-U : 4.81762439E-02 GeV ****

**** My.&Sw. E. m. for 238-U : 4.73943055E-02 GeV ****

**** Atomic mass for 238-U : 221.742950 GeV ****

**** Nuclear mass for 238-U : 221.696655 GeV ****

**** Evaporation from residual nucleus activated ****
**** Deexcitation gamma production activated ****
**** Evaporated “heavies” transport activated ****
**** High Energy fission requested & activated ****
**** Fermi Break Up requested & activated ****

**** Neutrino generators initialized F T T ****

*** Neutrino xsec file header: Neutrino Xsec file from nundis + nunres ***
*** Neutrino xsec file generated on: DATE: 6/ 1/15, TIME: 12:53:31 ***

Minimum kinetic energy for BME   :   1.0000E-03 (GeV/n)
Overall minimum kinetic energy for ion nuclear interactions:   1.0000E-03 (GeV/n)

Please find the attachments for .out, .log, .inp and .flair files.

Thanking you in advance.

Please advise me how to solve the issue.Cf252_brachytherapy.inp (5.4 KB)
Cf252_brachytherapy.flair (4.9 KB)
Cf252_brachytherapy001.out (38.2 KB)
Cf252_brachytherapy001.log (471 Bytes)
Cf252_brachytherapy.out (640 Bytes)

Dear Araghya,

you are missing the atomic number (Z) on the MATERIAL card for Cf-252.

Furthermore, you only should use the MAT-PROP, or STERNHEI cards if you want to change those parameters.

Finally, there were two bodies with names longer than 8 characters, which is not allowed. Flair will show their names with a red font instead of the usual magenta one.