Error : Incompatible gfortran version

Dear FLUKA experts,

I’m new on fluka and flair and I installed on virtual machine (virtual Box with Ubuntu).
When I run my files or example files from FLUKA I have an error about gfortran version which is not compatible.

I tried with gfortran version 11 and 9.5 but the error is still here.

Any help will be greatly appreciated
Kind regards



Hi Hugo!

You need to download and install a FLUKA package marked as gfortran 9, 64 bits, which is compatible with gfortran compilers 8 an newer.


Hi Dávid,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
I found my mistake, I had installed fluka with a tgz file and the problem came from that.
I installed again fluka but with a deb file and it works.