Error radiation simulation in amino acids

good evening
I have a problem running the script in Flair for Fluka.
I try the simulation of irradiation in amino acids, reconstruction of an article to compare results with the simulation.
I would appreciate it if you could review these files to help me with the problem.

thank you so much.
attached file
gly1.0.flair (2.5 KB)
gly1.0.inp (2.2 KB)
gly1.0001.err (992 Bytes)
gly1.0001.log (524 Bytes)
gly1.0001.out (63.6 KB)

Hello @alejandro_varg ,

thank you for posting on the Forum!
I will take care of your question as soon as possible.

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Thanks Tommaso
I am stay tuned

Dear Alejandro,

I had the time to look at your files. Please find here a few comments:

  • As a good practice (especially when setting up a new simulation), I suggest to keep the PRECISIOn defaults (unless you already know your transport problem very well). Check the defaults in the Manual.
  • Your beam seems large, but this depends on your transport problem. You can check the BEAM card in the FLUKA manual.
  • Your geometry is missing the black hole region and possibly some air surrounding the tank. See this presentation.
  • Material definition: this presentation might help you to cross-check your definitions.
  • Irradiation profile: please read these two presentations about scoring and irradiation profiles.
  • Scoring: you are scoring electron track length density in a detector named “energy”. In case you wanted to score the energy deposited by electrons only, please consult the USRBIN and the AUXSCORE cards.

Looking at your transport problem, I would suggest starting with a Flair example (in Flair: Flair → New → basic) and developing from there.

I hope this helps you start your simulations. Good luck!