Error related to medium number during Run

Dear Experts,
I am using FLUKA 4.3.3 along with Flair 3.2.1 and UBUNTU OS. I am trying to run a input file (see attached) and getting some errors related to subroutine mulmix… (see attached screenshot). I have also attached .log and .out file.

Kindly tell me some way

out. any kind of suggestion will be appreciated.

math_phantom.inp (13.4 KB)
math_phantom.flair (10.7 KB)
math_phantom001.log (578 Bytes)
math_phantom001.out (138.9 KB)

Dear Arghya,

your kidney and brain MATERIAL cards don’t have corresponding COMPOUND cards. Instead, you have 3 different COMPOUND cards for Thyroid, possibly due to copy-paste.


P.S.: Please don’t forget to update your FLUKA and Flair installation, as support is only provided for the latest releases.

Thank you very much for your observations. Now, the issue is solved.