Error showing (Executable returning RC=2)

Hello, I am trying to simulate ICRP male voxel phantom and scoring the efficiency using detect card for Am-241 energy in HPGe detector. I am using different source file(lungs, liver and Knee). If I use source file lungs and liver I got result without any problem but for knee source i got Executable returning RC=2.
I attached here file and suggest to figure out this problem.knee.f (568.9 KB)
knee.flair (15.8 KB)
knee.inp (25.5 KB)
voxel file is not upload due to restriction of file size
AM-lung.f (1.7 MB)
livmale.f (1015.8 KB)

Dear @sharmaram,

Did you look into the .out, .err, and .log files?

I show but i did not understand. i attached here some files

knee.out (509 Bytes)
PABITRAknee(VOXEL).out (549 Bytes)

Dear @sharmaram,

You have to look at the knee001.out file. Please, have a look at slide 24 from the “Standard output, common errors & mistakes” lecture from the Fluka course to see how to visualize the error message.

The reason of the problem appears quite clearly in the .log file you have visualized in your last screenshot:


In your knee.f source user routine, you have defined the array a with 83499 elements. Then, on line 28003, you select its element #172312, which makes no sense and indicates a flaw in the index identification logic.

Dear Ram,
Please check the if the array size (DIMENSION A(83499)) and sampling of I ( I = FLRNDM(XYZ)*79130+1) are consistent.
It seems you forgot to change 79130 (you have used it in Am-lung.f and it is number of voxels in the lung according to this .f file). It requires to be changed to 83499/3 = 27833 if 83499 is correct.