Error when run(with .exe and usreou.f)

Dear members,
I want to simulate a real energy spectrum, I am having issues running my fluka file with my modified user routine usreou.f .

When I running with the .exe file, the “Status” of Progress remind me “Finished with ERPORS”.
But when running without the .exe file, it work!!! ,but the spectrum has no Gaussian peak.

I don’t understand the error, could you help me?
my programs are as follow.Processing: qin-3 yanzheng.flair…qin-3 yanzheng.inp (1.6 KB)
usreou.f (2.4 KB)

qin-3 yanzheng.flair (2.9 KB)
Processing: qin-3 yanzheng.inp…
usreou.f (2.4 KB)

Dear Tian

now it is possible to use the built-in Gaussian broadening function of FLUKA with the DETGEB card.

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