Error when using many PLA bodies

Dear fluka experts,
Thanks to @ amario help, I have partially constructed my geometry. When I used the PLA bodied to model the miniRF alone, there is no problemPLA_fix.flair (33.9 KB) . However, when I add others regions, there are many errors hinted by flairnew.flair (36.2 KB) . It seems that it is complex to add other regions when I used too many PLA bodies. So I want to know how I do to solve this problem. It is best if someone help me fix my error. Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,



Your problem has nothing to do with “too many PLA bodies”. The problem is that you didn’t properly modified the VOID region when you added the new objects MLC and preMLC. As an example look at the coordinates 0,-7,-117: this points belong both to MLC zone01 and to VOID zone04. You need to properly subtract from the VOID the portions of spaces that belong to the new objects.