Error while assigning Material Name in ASSIGNMAT card

Hi team,

I am facing the below error, while assigning a material to a region and the fluka crashes with the below message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 3482, in <module>
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 3446, in main
    flair = Flair(root, project) if gui else None
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 733, in __init__
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 390, in create
    self.changePage( #<--- must ensure that exists
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/lib/", line 1166, in changePage
    if page.invalid(): page.refresh(page._invalid)
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 6311, in refresh
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 6348, in _fillRuns
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/lib/", line 3987, in set
    if invoke: self.invoke()
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/lib/", line 3940, in invoke
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 6699, in runChanged
    self.showCards(self.tags, self.filters)
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 6636, in showCards
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 2858, in displayCards
    self.addCard(None, card)
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 2614, in addCard
    cw = CardWidget(self, card, ypos)
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 417, in __init__
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 514, in create
    datatxt = str(self.listValue(dat)) + _TRIANGLE_DOWN
  File "/home/opinto/flair-3.3/", line 643, in listValue
TypeError: int() argument must be a string, a bytes-like object or a real number, not 'function'

For example if I uncomment the below lines in my .inp file then I face the above error:

* SS316L:  AISI316L Stainless Steel taken from Datasheet from A. Perillo
*MATERIAL  , , , 7.99,  , , ,SS316L
*COMPOUND  , -0.65495, IRON, -0.17, CHROMIUM, -0.12, NICKEL, SS316L
*COMPOUND  , -0.025, MOLYBDEN, -0.02, MANGANES, -0.0075, SILICON, SS316L
*COMPOUND  , -0.00045, PHOSPHO, -0.0003, SULFUR, -0.0008, CARBON, SS316L
*COMPOUND  , -0.001, NITROGEN,  , , , ,SS316L

I downloaded the FLUKA src file to my local machine in .tgz format

Dear colleague,

thanks for your question and for sharing privately the input file.

In order to be able to open the project with the last flair release, make sure to have defined all the elements of your compound in the input file (for example MOLYBDEN which is not a pre-defined material in FLUKA).

This is an already spotted bug in flair. It will be fixed in its next release (coming soon).