Error while running

Dear fluka experts,
all my flies are getting “finished with error”. In output file, I got the message as per the snapshot shared.
As per the instructions, I have updated the version of fluka and flair to the newest one.
I also observed the error in connection as in image shared.
The same issue of this “error in connection” was observed from last one week with older version, but no such error was there with older version, it was running finely without any error from last 1 year.
I am not getting how to solve it. Please help me.
Here I have attached my input file.
barc_dose.inp (1.9 KB)

Thanking you in anticipation.

Dear @anjali.kavar,
The error message you were having before and the “Error in connection” you see now, are two different things.
The “old” error message was informing you that the version of Fluka you were using was obsolete. You updated the code to version 4-2.2, which is the latest released version, as you can verify going .
The “Error in connection” message instead informs you that Flair cannot connect to the server to check if there is a newer version of Flair. I don’t know exactly why this problem is there. Nevertheless, I can tell you that your flair version is also the latest one, as you can verify going on .
All in all, you can proceed with your simulations. This error message will not affect the results.

Dear Anjali Kavar,

It seems that you correctly installed the latest version of FLUKA and Flair.

The “Error in connection” with the Web Version of Flair is a bug, and it only means that Flair can’t process the version number correctly. It doesn’t have any effect on the functionality of Flair.

The reason that you are sill getting the obsolete error is maybe that you are using a user routine, and forgot to recompile your executable.

If that’s not the case, could you share your .out file?


It is working now.
I was getting the error after running the any input file -“finished with error” both before and after upgrading the version of fluka and flair.
But now it is working, I just restarted the system and run the same file.
The error of “error in connection” is still there. But as per the advice, I have ignored it.
Thank you so much for the quick response :slight_smile: