Error while scoring DoseQLET for GCR source #2

Dear Sir,

During scoring the DoseQLET due to GCR-IONF source in ICRU-4 element sphere I got an error saying " Abort called from FKBIRK reason NONSENSE RANGE CALL Run stopped!
What is the meaning of it?

Thanks in advance…

Hello Rohit,

Could you attach the input file and any user routines you may have used in order to take a closer look?

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Here is the input file for the simulation.

Thanks in advance
GCR_TEST.inp (1.7 KB)

Hello Sir,
Gentle reminder
As I am new to FLUKA, I am not finding anything related to this error in previous discussions and also in the manual. Please help me to resolve the error.

Thanks in advance.

Hallo Rohit,
please be aware that no reminder is needed and gives you priority with respect to other open threads, which are all tracked. So your last message is of no help and can be safely spared.
The error appears to come from a bug, not depending on you. We are looking into it and will report here as soon as we have a conclusive answer.
Thanks in advance for your constructive patience

Dear Rohit,

Thanks for your patience.

We have meanwhile spotted the cause for your crash (it turned out to be a logical bug: a protection in the ranging out of ions proved excessively restrictive in the otherwise legitimate conditions that your input probed). It will be fixed for the next release.

With kind regards,



For completeness: after thorough testing, the fix will finally be included in the next major release (v4-4.0), thus also addressing this more recent thread.