Error with DETGEB card

Hello, FLUKA community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on a gamma spectra simulation using a NaI detector in FLUKA, aiming to apply Gaussian spectra using the DETGEB card similar to what I have done successfully in MCNP. However, I’m encountering an error in Cycle 5 of my FLUKA simulation.

I have thoroughly checked my input file, including parameters such as a, b, and c for the FWHM formula, and I am confident that the values are reasonable. Despite this, I consistently encounter the error in Cycle 5.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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NaI_Article1.inp (2.7 KB)

Dear @assia.arectout,

Would you please care to elaborate about the error: what it is?
Could you please upload your flair file and the .out, .log, and .err file of the last cycle?

Dear @amario

It seems that the issue is with the FWHM value, as it appears <0

I’ve carefully reviewed the parameters (a, b and c) in my simulation, and they align with those outlined in the article referenced below.
Please find attached the following files related to the simulation:

NaI_Article1005.log (139 Bytes)
NaI_Article1005.err (790 Bytes)
NaI_Article1005.out (80.7 KB)
article principal.pdf (1.2 MB)

Dear @assia.arectout,

I see that you run FLUKA4-3.1 which is almost one year old. I would ask you to download the latest version (as of today FLUKA4-3.4) and try to run again. Your problem may have already been fixed.