Error with resnucle postprocessing

Dear FLUKA experts,

i have run into an error when i try to postprocess the results of the resnucle scoring and receive the following error message.

I have rerun the input file several times and with the other detectors there doesnt seem to be any issue, just with the resnucle one.

Attached you can find the input file for my project
MOBest99.inp (8.8 KB)
MOBest99.flair (17.0 KB)

Thanks in advance and kind regards,

Dear David,

there is a mix up with the DCYSCORE card used for the RESNUCLE scorings. Sometimes they apply the wrong decay time, but in one case no time is applied at all.

Unfortunately, the post processing program expects scorings all with or all without decay times, it can’t deal with a “mixed” file.

After fixing the issue, I was able to merge the results.


Dear David,

thank you very much. I fixed the DCYSCORE cards and now it works for me aswell. Thank you very much for your kind help.