Error with the coincidence scoring using DETECT card

Dear FLUKA experts,

I have came across a problem that requires me to use the coincidence scoring. However, the simulation would not run and no .err files are generated when I activate DETECT cards that enabled coincidence scoring.

The .out file would print “Error: “/usr/local/fluka/bin/fluka” executable returned RC=2”

The attached is my .inp file.

Thanks in advance for the help.

1.inp (6.5 KB)


such a system message is not really instructive, look rather at the .log file. Here the latter points (admittedly, still in a cryptic way) to an issue in the DETECT card reading. The problem concerns your COINBOT scoring and is due to the -2048 presence also in the continuation card. Its removal (1.inp) should allow to fly.

Dear @ceruttif,

Much appreciate for the swift response. I followed your advice and the simulations runs without any problem now.

Nevertheless, I find this to be inconsistent with the FLUKA manual. The instructions on DETECT state that
Also, the interface for the DETECT card in flair went back to single region when I delete WHAT (1) of the continuation card. However, the input seems fine as the trigger region is still present in the continuation card. Will this cause any problem or is it purely a visual glitch?

Thank you.


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You are right on both points: the manual is being amended accordingly and the DETECT handling by Flair has to be fixed. Nevertheless, the latter just suffers from a visualization glitch, as you anticipated, apart from the change in the number of channels that (if you wish so) you have to restore to -2048 (in the upper - not continuation - card). Thanks for letting us know if you eventually observe any inconsistent behaviour.