Exceeded upper dp/dx abscissa - again

I’m simulation pp interaction with beams momentum pz=1 000 GeV. and have an error: Abort called from DEDX reason Exceeded upper dp/dx abscissa. Run stopped!
STOP Exceeded upper dp/dx abscissa.
I tried with lower momentum - the simulation runs if pz=600 GeV and less.
Is this a problem in fluka?
Thanks for help,

No, it’s a problem in your input, requiring - in addition to SPECSOUR that you likely used - a BEAM card with momentum equal to (or larger than) 1 TeV, as well as a PHYSICS card with SDUM=LIMITS and maximum pp CM momentum equal to (or larger than) 1 TeV. Moreover, you need to use an executable embedding DPMJET (i.e., the standard bin/flukadpm or a custom one generated by bin/ldpmqmd).
In case of persisting troubles, please upload your input.