Exceeded upper dp/dx abscissa

Thank you so much that it solved the problem in an instant! Now the program finally works. But it say “exceeded upper dp/dx abscissa” during the run and breaks down. Does the problem lie in the materials?

Dear @hanhechong,

Did you search the forum for the error message you obtained? There is this thread that reports exactly the same problem. Are you maybe running an old version of Fluka?

Thank you for reminding me of the existed thread. However, I have just updated the fluka to 4.3.0 a few days ago. I wonder whether this problem has something to do with element Te and maybe I should download more packages instead of just JEFF-3.3?

Your BEAM card does not set a value for the beam momentum. Even if you’re using and “advanced source”, you have to provide value because this is used to initialize cross section tables. You can have a look at slide 7 of the simple source lecture.

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Thank you very much! I set the maximum value of all particles in source.f in the beam card and solve the problem.