Executable Error

Dear Expert
I install fluka and flair on fedora 33. the following was reported. I dont know how to go about it.

Dir: /usr/local/fluka
Data: /usr/local/fluka/data
Exec: /usr/local/fluka/bin/fluka
Input: /home/olaiyadavid/Ola/tutorial.inp
Initial seed copied from /usr/local/fluka/data
Running fluka in /home/olaiyadavid/Ola/fluka_2958

======================== Running FLUKA for cycle # 1 ========================
Error: “/usr/local/fluka/bin/fluka” executable returned RC=143
[olaiyadavid@localhost Ola] cd [olaiyadavid@localhost ~] which rfluka

You should look at the .log and .err files, either in /home/olaiyadavid/Ola or /home/olaiyadavid/Ola/fluka_2958, and let us know if the contained messages are not resolving.