Executable returning RC=2

Hello to all,

I have a problem with the following simulation
geom_detect.inp (144.5 KB)

The .out file shows a RC=2.
geom_detect.out (960 Bytes)

I can’t find the problem and I don’t know what a RC=2 error means. If any of you is able to help me I would be grateful.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hallo Duarte,
you are looking at the wrong .out (RC=2 does not mean much indeed), the relevant files are geom_detect001.out and geom_detect001.log that are left in the fluka_# temporary directory.
First, as Flair opens your input, it indicates that the body RPP interface has a problem, since its name exceeds the 8-character limit. Then, the .log file points to some USRBIN issue. In fact, you select a region mesh (that by the way does not fit so well with the requested DOSE scoring, since you will miss the division by the volume) but you do not indicate the upper extreme of the region range, e.g. from region core1 to an empty field, which is the problematic one.

Hello, Francesco,

Thank you for your answer.

  1. If I want to have a region scoring I should have R1from:Core1; R1to:Core1 if I only want the socring in Core1. Correct?

  2. So choosing a DOSE scoring in a Region will only give me an energy deposited wich I will have to divide by the mass. It that it?

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From what I’ve read region scoring gives me a scoring per primary but not per unit volume. But I will have the output in GeV/g, right?


No, it will be the total energy deposited over the region (in GeV) - which by the way is what you would get if asking for ENERGY - divided by the material density (g/cm3), then GeV cm3/g, to be divided by the region volume.


It appears that there was one more issue with the simulations. I implemented the changes you suggested but the code kept crashing.

If you look at the end of this file, for example:
geom_detect001.out (292.0 KB) you will see that the maximum number of USRBIN cards appears to be 400:

*** The maximum number of binnings is 400, card ignored!!!

I had almost 800 USRBIN cards. I have implemented your suggestions and reduced the number of USRBIN cards and now I am able to run the simulations.

Thank you once again for your help.

Kind Regards,