Expression Updating inside Conditions


I wanted to report that the expressions (for example “=3*4”) are not updated when the cards are inside conditions such as #if #else etc.

Attached you can find an example of the input.

I am using flair version 3.1.4

Thank a lot for your efforts

Kind regards

ExpressionCalculations.flair (942 Bytes)
ExpressionCalculations.inp (1.0 KB)

Thanks Lefteris,

I have to check, I will let you know. You are right it should work also inside the conditionals on the branch that it is active.


Hi Leftheris,

I found the problem and correct it. flair was not refreshing the internal state (active/disabled) of a card when a #define or #undef card was changed (add/delete/disable/enable…)
Now it is correct in the dev version.

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