Fail to start flair

Hello David,
I have a unique issue. I have installed flair3.2 and flair-geoviewer-3.2 on ubantu20.04

‘’ results:

Checking python
Version: 3.8-10 ok

Checking python tkinter module
tkinter found

Checking tk library
Tk Version= 8.6 ok

Checking python imaging
python-imaging-tk installed

Checking gnuplot
gnuplot 5.2.8 ok

Checking memory
Ram: 8105832 kb ok
Swap: 2097148 kb ok

Checking CPU
CPUs: 4 ok
Clock: 3408 MHz ok
Arch: x86_64

Checking X11
X11 dimension: 2089x1219 ok
X11 depth: 24 ok

Checking flair
flair directory: /usr/local/flair
flair version: 3.2-0

Checking flair-geoviewer
flair version ok (same or higher than 3.0-7)
flair-geoviewer version 3.2-0
flair and geoviewer version match

Checking gfortran
gfortran version 9.4.0
gfortran function properly

Checking FLUKA
FLUKA directory: /usr/local/fluka
FLUKA Version= 4-3.0
/usr/local/fluka/bin/fluka exists
/usr/local/fluka/bin utilities exists ok
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

============================== ERROR ==============================
{flukadir}/bin/lfluka -o testfluka doesn’t compile/link properly

	Please ensure you have the correct version of fluka with the appropriate compiler


Appreciate your input.

Sun chuqing

Sorry for that, there was a problem in the build process.

Please try to download again and re-install.
If you used the automatic installation via the repo re-install the new public repository key “flair.gpg” again as it shown in the download instructions

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